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  • The Thanyarak Breast Center, SIRIRAJ H SOLUTIONS, ICS Building

The Thanyarak Breast Center, SIRIRAJ H SOLUTIONS, ICS Building

  • Background
  • In accordance with the mission to focus on preventive healthcare and life balance integration, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital aims to enhance accessible healthcare services that align with current human lifestyles by providing medical services targeted at healthy individuals under the "Healthy First" concept and emphasizing a patient-centered approach. This focus on preventative care has led to the establishment of SIRIRAJ H SOLUTIONS, a seamless service launching on July 20th, 2023.

    Recognizing the importance of preventive healthcare and integrating a balanced life, the Thanyarak Breast Center, SIRIRAJ H SOLUTIONS, ICS Building was established as the first comprehensive breast health center outside a hospital and the first ever in a shopping mall. This adds a new dimension for patients, eliminating the need to visit the hospital for check-ups and emphasizing the "Healthy First" concept, that success in all aspects of life must begin with good health.

    The Thanyarak Breast Center provides services utilizing modern equipment that meets international standards, with quality control and assurance systems (QC & QA) in place. It is staffed by radiologists and medical radiation experts specialized in breast care from the center at Siriraj Hospital.

  • Objectives
    1. Provide excellent healthcare services
    2. Utilize modern equipment meeting international standards and employ specialized medical personnel in breast care
    3. Provide preventive and integrated healthcare to balance life under the concept of “Healthy First”
    4. Increase accessibility for breast cancer screening and diagnosis for patients and interested individuals
    5. Support one-stop medical service at Siriraj H Solution, ICS Building